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Tips to Maintain your PC in "TipTop" Shape
On laptops, cooling fans vent out the bottom or side.  Elevate your laptop to prevent overheating.
Be careful when setting down your laptop. The hard drive is on the bottom and 
is susceptible to "jarring".
Don't get rid of that PC just yet!  Sometimes all it needs is a little extra memory or a good "reformat" job to speed it up.
Beware of the websites you visit.  A lot of the "trojans" out today come not only from email, but "suspicious" web sites.
Computers sitting on the floor tend to accumulate a lot of dust.  Elevate them off the floor if possible.
Backup your data!  All hard drives eventually crash.  Call us and we'll set you up with an automated backup program.
Buy an uninterruptible power supply.  It will mitigate power surges and keep your PC up in case the power blinks.
We can Repair your Computer!!